Texas Stadium History

For the first 10 years of their existence, the Dallas Cowboys called the Cotton Bowl home. But during that time, Cowboys ownership tired of sharing the aging facility. They decided that their team deserved a new stadium, one that would be theirs alone. A bond measure was quickly approved and in the late 1960s, ground was broken on what would soon be their home, a field in Irving, Texas. The facility opened in 1971 and the rest, to paraphrase, is Texas Stadium history. Ironically enough, though, Texas Stadium is no longer exclusive to the Cowboys. It also plays host to occasional NCAA college football games and has come to be known as the Mecca of Texas high school football, frequently hosting double- or triple-headers of prep school gridiron action. Its days as an NFL stadium are numbered, however, as the Dallas club plans to move into a brand-new facility in the city Arlington for the 2008 or 2009 season.

Texas Stadium History: So, Why Is There a Hole in the Roof?

One of the intriguing stories in Texas Stadium history involves one of its most noticeable and striking features -- the hole in the roof. The stadium is designed in such a way that there is a roof-like structure covering all of the seats, but the playing field is exposed to the elements. Why? Was it intentional? Most likely not. One source asserts that Texas Stadium was to be a domed stadium, but it was found that the stadium could not safely support the massive bulk of a full roof. Another story is that the stadium funds dried up before the center area of the dome could be finished. Either way, it certainly is unique among NFL fields. The design allegedly even led to a memorable quote from former Dallas linebacker D.D. Lewis, who is said to have claimed that the field was not domed in so that God could watch his favorite team play.

Dallas Cowboys Tickets

2009 Schedule
Day Date Opponent Location
Sun 11/11/2009 Chiefs Kansas City
Sun 10/25/2009 Falcons Dallas
Sun 11/1/2009 Seahawks Dallas
Sun 11/8/2009 Eagles Philly
Sun 11/15/2009 Packers Green Bay
Sun 11/22/2009 Redskins Dallas
Thur 11/26/2009 Raiders Oakland
Sun 12/6/2009 Giants New York
Sun 12/13/2009 Chargers Dallas
Sat 12/19/2009 Saints New Orleans
Sun 12/27/2009 Redskins Washington
Sun 1/3/2010 Eagles Dallas