Dallas Cowboys Season Tickets

Few NFL teams have as illustrious a legacy of gridiron success as the one dubbed America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys. Their on-field exploits have become legendary. Through the 2004 season, the Cowboys had an all-time record of 415 wins, 307 losses and 6 ties for a winning percentage of over .570. They are five time Super Bowl champions, they have won the NFC Championship eight times since 1970, and they have had 13 former players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Dallas also has an exceptionally loyal and devoted fan base. The team has sold out every single home game since 1990, and on the day that Bill Parcells officially became the team's head coach, more than 200 new season ticket packages were purchased. Sadly, for many people, that means that the possibility of ever owning Dallas Cowboys Season tickets is unlikely at best and a pipe dream at worst.

Dallas Cowboys Season Tickets: Not a Lost Cause!

So does that mean that fans should give up their quests for Dallas Cowboys season tickets? Hardly! Hope springs eternal, as they say, and this is true even in the search for season passes to the Cowboys. First, the fact that so many season ticket packages were purchased on the date of Parcell's hiring means that some had to be available to begin with, and may be so again in the near future. Also, the team is scheduled to move into a new 100,000 seat stadium within the next few years, meaning that approximately 35,000 new ticket opportunities will be available every week. Those seeking more immediate gratification, however, should consider contacting a reliable online ticket broker. Many such firms make complete home-game packages available to their customers. The price will likely be fairly steep, but that should come as no surprise considering that Cowboys season passes are such a rare and valuable commodity.

Dallas Cowboys Tickets

2009 Schedule
Day Date Opponent Location
Sun 11/11/2009 Chiefs Kansas City
Sun 10/25/2009 Falcons Dallas
Sun 11/1/2009 Seahawks Dallas
Sun 11/8/2009 Eagles Philly
Sun 11/15/2009 Packers Green Bay
Sun 11/22/2009 Redskins Dallas
Thur 11/26/2009 Raiders Oakland
Sun 12/6/2009 Giants New York
Sun 12/13/2009 Chargers Dallas
Sat 12/19/2009 Saints New Orleans
Sun 12/27/2009 Redskins Washington
Sun 1/3/2010 Eagles Dallas