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It is not coincidence that the Dallas Cowboys are called Americas Team as they are easily one of the most popular sporting franchises in the country today. Not to mention one of the most successful. Founded in 1960, the Cowboys won the Eastern Conference title in 1966 and played in back-to-back NFL Championships in 1966 and 1967. Such early success was a indicator of things to come, as Dallas went on to play in eight Super Bowls, winning five of them. The first came in 1971 with a 24-3 win over Miami in Super Bowl VI, and the most recent -- a 27-17 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX -- capped off an amazing run of three championships in four seasons. Additionally, the Cowboys boast the third-longest streak of over-.500 seasons in sports history, winning more games than they lost in 20 consecutive seasons from 1966 to 1985. With such a rich history, it should come as no surprise that the demand for Dallas Cowboys football tickets is immensely high.

How To Get Dallas Cowboys Football Tickets

More than 500,000 fans have flocked to see their beloved Dallas Cowboy play at least once during each of the last 12 seasons, and those die-hards will likely be flocking to Texas Stadium once again this season. The addition of free agent quarterback Drew Bledsoe and the emergence of up-and-coming halfback Julius Jones have created a definite stir of excitement in the Lone Star State. Dallas' rich history and the expectations surrounding a possible return to the playoffs have combined to create an immense demand for Cowboys tickets. Unfortunately for fans, said demand far exceeds ticket supply, making Dallas Cowboys football tickets rather difficult to find. There is hope, though. Fans who miss out on the single-game, two-ticket or season pass sales through the Cowboy homepage should consider utilizing the services of a ticket broker. Odds are, a reputable firm can deliver those coveted Cowboy tickets, and at an affordable rate to boot! If you're serious about wanting to see America's Team play this season, check out one of the ticket brokers listed on this site. They can help that dream become a reality!

Dallas Cowboys Tickets

2009 Schedule
Day Date Opponent Location
Sun 11/11/2009 Chiefs Kansas City
Sun 10/25/2009 Falcons Dallas
Sun 11/1/2009 Seahawks Dallas
Sun 11/8/2009 Eagles Philly
Sun 11/15/2009 Packers Green Bay
Sun 11/22/2009 Redskins Dallas
Thur 11/26/2009 Raiders Oakland
Sun 12/6/2009 Giants New York
Sun 12/13/2009 Chargers Dallas
Sat 12/19/2009 Saints New Orleans
Sun 12/27/2009 Redskins Washington
Sun 1/3/2010 Eagles Dallas