Dallas Cowboys Football Schedule

Irving, Texas will be home to some of the best football action in the world this season, as the Dallas Cowboys football schedule once again pits the franchise known as America's Team against their fierce NFC Eastern Division Rivals from New York, Philadelphia and Washington. Dallas will host each of the above teams for one game, and must venture out on the road into hostile territory for another. There is little doubt that tickets to these contests will be the hottest of the upcoming gridiron campaign, with 70-plus thousand turning out to root on their beloved five-time Super Bowl Champions against the hated Giants, the loathed Eagles, and the despised Redskins. The fans who are lucky enough to snag seats for any of the home games against these three foes should be in for a rare treat, as the Cowboys have all-time winning records against each of them through the end of the 2004 season. In fact, Dallas has collected at least 50 wins against all three of their divisional rivals.

Dallas Cowboys Football Schedule: Other 2005 Opponents

While the six games Giants, Eagles and Redskins are annual staples on the Dallas Cowboys football schedule, the other ten opponents change from season to season. In 2005, the Cowboys are slated to play home games against the Cardinals, the Lions, the Broncos, the Chiefs and the Rams while hitting the road to battle the Chargers, the 49ers, the Raiders, the Seahawks and the Panthers. Through 2004, Dallas is 53-28-1 against former NFC East member Arizona and also boasts all-time winning records against Detroit, Denver, Kansas City, San Diego, Seattle and Carolina. However, they are a combined 16-21-1 against San Francisco and Oakland. Additionally, the Cowboys and Rams have split their all-time series, 13-13. Clearly, anyone thinking about buying tickets for one or two of these games should consider not only the all-time win-loss marks, but also the relative strength or weakness of each individual opponent. A traditional punching bag that has since become a contender isn't as safe of a bet as a bad team that has a lifetime edge on the Cowboys. San Francisco, anyone?

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2009 Schedule
Day Date Opponent Location
Sun 11/11/2009 Chiefs Kansas City
Sun 10/25/2009 Falcons Dallas
Sun 11/1/2009 Seahawks Dallas
Sun 11/8/2009 Eagles Philly
Sun 11/15/2009 Packers Green Bay
Sun 11/22/2009 Redskins Dallas
Thur 11/26/2009 Raiders Oakland
Sun 12/6/2009 Giants New York
Sun 12/13/2009 Chargers Dallas
Sat 12/19/2009 Saints New Orleans
Sun 12/27/2009 Redskins Washington
Sun 1/3/2010 Eagles Dallas